Let's Have One Councillor Per Ward to Elect the Hardest Workers
I read with interest the recent article by Councillor Peter Thompson, the Conservative Leader of the Opposition at the London Borough of Hounslow, in which he argued the case for reducing the number of councillors serving the borough from 60 to 40. [More...]


Independent Community Group to Stand in Hounslow Local Elections
The Independent Community Group (ICG) has announced it will run again in this May's local elections, ending months of speculation.  The group won six seats on Hounslow Council in 2006 and formed a coalition with the Conservatives, but lost all six councillors at the 2010 elections.  [More...]


Isleworth Girl Jo Raises £430 for Macmillan Cancer Support

Activism is at its finest when it is performed for the benefit of others and not in the cause of self-promotion.  [More...]

Can a Council Close Down a Community?

In 1863 and again in 1887 local people dug deep to build and add to Isleworth Public Hall, which is governed under the terms of an independent charitable trust.  [More...]

Honest Politics and the Common Good

If we have lost trust in our politicians and political parties, how are we going to govern ourselves?  What might reform and rejuvenate our politics?  [More...]

On Honour - With a Little Knowledge, Trust and Respect

I was fascinated to read the story about Captain Robert Campbell, a World War One British army officer who was captured by the Germans and sent to a prisoner of war camp in Magdeburg. [More...]

Community Exclusion is No Laughing Matter

"You lot come in here expecting to be waited on hand and foot while I'm trying to run a hotel".  Those of us who are old enough to remember Fawlty Towers will recall the classic scene in which Basil ranted at his guests after they had complained about the quality of the service.   [More...]

Hounslow Labour's All-Out Assault on Community

"In for a penny, in for a pound", goes the old saying.  The concept is that if one has decided to commit to a particular outcome in any given situation then one should focus entirely and unrelentingly upon that outcome and not dither along the way.  [More...]

Brentford Town Centre - Calling for a Human Scale and Beautiful Regeneration

Petition Background (Preamble): Five years ago the Brentford community came together with our award-winning vision for the future of our town centre. In 2010 Brentford High Street Steering Group co-commissioned with Ballymore developers a study by The Prince’s Foundation, to ensure a design brief of which future generations would be proud. [



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