The appeal and the strength of the ICG lies in the fact that we are not a political party, in anything other than the strictly legal sense. 

We are instead the organised expression of the will of a community.

Whilst politicians seek election to local office to represent their respective political parties in our communities, when we seek election we do so to represent our community in local government.

To put it simply - our community is our "party"!

Whilst political parties approach each election with a set of policies and promises which change according to how the wind is blowing, we have a vision which has remained constant throughout our more than 19 years of existence.

Our vision for our community is based on a few very basic premises:

  • Decisions affecting the community, its aesthetics, its infrastructure, its safety, its life and well-being should, as far as is possible, be taken by the community and not by politicians, and should serve the interests of the community and not the narrow agenda of any political party.
  • Our environment is precious and we as a community have a duty to protect and enhance it in any way that is reasonably possible.
  • We actively celebrate diversity whilst maintaining that what unites us as a community is more important still.
  • We are happy to work with political parties or individual members thereof for the greater good subject to their acceptance of the primacy of community in the local decision-making process.

This simple set of principles is the foundation upon which all the ICG's campaigns have been built over a period of nearly two decades since the group's formation in January 1994.

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